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Today the demand for concrete is greater than before with hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of contractors.But none of this could have happened if not for the development of a stronger, more durable highstrenth concrete is just what we use on every job. It takes highly skilled concrete finishers an understanding of concrete basics to install work that makes owners want walkways,driveway and living areas. Encretes Trxturing tools recreate the beauty of nature. Encrete is  Perfect for a wide range of projects including lobbies,court yards streets,and medians And thats just the Beginning . Encrete is used in Hotels,restaurants,shopping centers,and other super- high end traffic areas. Encrete is the lowest cost to install,lowest maintenance most appealing. Encrete has been proven ..Public-Proof. Contact Encrete to get Theme-Park  durability in your world today.  Only Encrete provides you with flexibility,durability and ease of maintenance that your projects demand.  Create unforegetable Hardscapes the easy way.  If you think Encrete is just for Pool decks, patios walkways and entries....think again.Long lasting Encrete is also ideal for commercial and municipal applications. Not only does Encrete hold up under heavy traffic,it adds extraordinary Beauty to an ordinary thoroughfare.     Encrete ,the finishing touch to any project .          Phone 865-693-6486    Encrete Southeast inc. since 1988                                                                                                                                      

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